James Gunn Has Even More Suicide Squad Spinoff Ideas

MCU alum James Gunn indicated he may keep developing new DC Extended Universe content after his Suicide Squad spinoff series, Peacemaker.

James Gunn hinted that he might continue to expand the universe of The Suicide Squad. The first Suicide Squad film, directed by David Ayer, was released in 2016 and widely panned by critics. Gunn, who helmed Marvel’s popular Guardians of the Galaxy films, was brought on to direct the next Suicide Squad film, which will function as something of a soft reboot for DC’s famous antihero team.

The Suicide Squad is slated for August 2021, but it has already spawned a spinoff series for HBO Max, Peacemaker. Gunn’s second foray into the DC Extended Universe will see John Cena reprise his Suicide Squad character, whom he has described as a “douchey Captain America.” The series is a pleasant surprise addition to the DCEU born from Gunn’s boredom during the coronavirus quarantine.

While Peacemaker conveniently slotted in between Gunn’s commitments to The Suicide Squad and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, his frankly prolific output has fans wondering if he will continue to expand his corner of the DCEU. In an impromptu mini Q&A, the writer-director answered some fan questions after tweeting an image of his Peacemaker monitor on set. When one Twitter follower asked, “Do you have any ideas for more suicide squad spin-offs?” Gunn replied with a simple, “Yes.”

Gunn left a few other breadcrumbs for fans to follow in his tweets: he indicated that Peacemaker will introduce new characters, and agreed with one fan comparing the series to the MCU’s WandaVision. (It’s unclear if he was joking in his affirmative response to “PeacemakerVision,” or if the show really is similar to the genre-bending, meta Disney+ series.) He also professed his love for The Metal Men, a Silver Age-era comic book team of artificially intelligent robot heroes, opening up a whole new avenue of DC characters he could potentially explore.

It’s not a surprise that Gunn has more DCEU ideas (this is one of the most creative superhero franchise directors we’re talking about), but it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll all come to fruition as Peacemaker did. Still, it’s exciting to hear that the Marvel alum is willing to keep playing in the DC sandbox. Gunn recently tweeted that The Suicide Squad was the most fun film he’s directed in his career, so he very well could continue to develop content with DC and Warner Brothers.

DC has had less success in unifying their extended universe than Marvel, but in some ways, they’ve been more willing to take creative risks. Shows like HBO Max’s Doom Patrol suggest a willingness to invest in quirkier characters, while ambitious projects like revamping 2017’s Justice League with the Snyder Cut indicates out-of-the-box thinking. These are elements that would seemingly allow a unique filmmaker like Gunn to thrive and flex his creative muscles. Hopefully, The Suicide Squad will mark a new era for Gunn and the DCEU.

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