Theory: What Godzilla vs Kong’s New Flying Titans Really Are

The Godzilla vs. Kong trailer reveals two winged Titans. Here’s what these creatures could really be, and how they could be connected to past films.

The origin of Godzilla vs. Kong’s new Titans could be connected both to the Skullcrawlers in Kong: Skull Island and the credits of Godzilla: King of the Monsters. The creatures seen in the trailer are two of four Titans confirmed to appear in the upcoming film, with the others being the titular monsters themselves, Godzilla and Kong.

It’s become clear at this point that though the focus will of course be on Godzilla and Kong’s highly anticipated grudge match, they won’t be the only Titans taking part in the action. Regardless of if Rodan or King of the Monsters’ original Titans return, there will be other creatures for Godzilla and Kong to fight. It’s believed that these Titans will have roles in Godzilla vs. Kong’s “monster war”, which is supposedly a continuation of an ancient conflict between their ancestors. One opponent the two may come across is the MonsterVerse’s take on Mechagodzilla, a villain who was set up in the King of the Monsters credits, spoiled by a toy leak, and spotted on a monitor screen in the Godzilla vs. Kong trailer.

In addition to Mechagodzilla, there appears to be at least three new Titans not based on any monsters from Toho’s library. One is Hell Hawk, another creature whose inclusion was revealed by leaked action figure images. The other two were previewed in the trailer through a scene that involved Kong grabbing one by the tail and slinging him into the other. These two, strange creatures could end up being more than just fodder for an action sequence with Kong. They could factor into the plot and have deep ties to previous events and creatures in Legendary’s MonsterVerse.

Godzilla vs. Kong’s New Titans Explained

The two Titans are large, serpent-like beasts with gray skin and red, glowing wings shaped like those of a bat. As for what these creatures are named, action figures associated with Godzilla vs. Kong suggest that at least one of them is of a species called Warbat. Before the figures were released, leaked images suggested it was called Nozuki, but the paint on the figure was a bit different. When the Warbat figure was released, it was believed that the “Nozuki” name had been changed to “Warbat” and that his colors had been adjusted. However, the reveal that there are in fact at least two of these snake-like creatures in Godzilla vs. Kong could mean that Nozuki and Warbat are two separate Titans. Even so, this detail remains unconfirmed, and it’s at least possible that Warbat is just the name of the species itself; both could actually be Warbats.

Monarch Was Making Its Own Titans

The number of known Titans on the planet was still going up during the timeframe of Godzilla: King of the Monsters, so these creatures could have been among the undiscovered, hidden creatures in the MonsterVerse. It may be that they’ll be found in the Hollow Earth tunnels during Monarch’s investigation into “the origin of the Titans”. Alternatively, Godzilla vs. Kong may offer a more unique explanation for their presence in the story. It’s possible that Nozuki and Warbat are the MonsterVerse’s first genetically-engineered monsters. Toho also went down this road in the Heisei series when it created Biollante.

The prospect of the MonsterVerse having its own manmade monster was quietly set up in the credits of Godzilla: King of the Monsters. In the article titled “Monarch Boosts Forces Around Skull Island”, it’s said that the organization was building a “mechanized giant” and had previously worked on creating “organic Titans”. No other details about their experiments were given, but it may be that some of their efforts turned out to be successful. Or, it could be that Monarch abandoned these efforts, only them for to be continued by the mysterious APEX, who appears to be a splinter group of some kind.

If it’s Monarch who creates these new Titans, then that would mean that they inadvertently gave birth to new foes of humanity and new questions about Monarch’s accountability. But if it was APEX who made them instead, producing dangerous Titans may have been their intention all along. That could be one way the movie’s human villains will attempt to destroy all the Titans, which is confirmed by the synopsis to be their primary objective. They could create (and control) their own monsters and force them to attack the other Titans.

Godzilla vs. Kong’s New Titans Could Be Mutated Skullcrawlers

What would be the starting point for these organic Titans? They’d of course need some existing genetic material to work with. An obvious answer would be King Ghidorah’s severed head, since the idea of it being used to create a new threat has already been teased. That being said, it’s currently in the possession of Jonah (Charles Dance), not Monarch or APEX. With that mind, a more likely source is the Skullcrawlers, the ancestral enemies of Kong’s species, and the main antagonists of Kong: Skull Island. For years, Kong has taken it upon himself to stop these creatures from leaving his home’s Hollow Earth entry point.

Kong killed many of them in Kong: Skull Island but didn’t make them extinct; they still have a presence underneath Skull Island. That fact makes them accessible to Monarch, who has a base on the island. It could be revealed that in the pursuit of science, they recovered the body of a Skullcrawler killed by Kong and used his DNA to create a new monster. This doesn’t seem unfeasible, given that the new Titans do bear some physical similarities to the Skullcrawlers, such as their gray skin and the shape of their heads. The long and spiny back ends of the Skullcrawlers could have been extended to make their bodies look more akin to a snake’s, and as a result of the mutation, they could have grown wings.

If Warbat and Nozuki are mutated Skullcrawlers, that would give new meaning to their fight with Kong in the trailer. In a sense, they’d be larger and deadlier versions of his oldest enemies. Having the ability to fly would make them harder to kill than ever, but it’s likely that his responsibility toward them would still be the same.
Mutated Skrullcrawlers Could Be Just The Beginning

A new type of Skullcrawler could be the first step toward the introduction of a brand new threat for the MonsterVerse. Mutated Skullcrawlers may not be the endgame for whoever makes them. It’s expected that they’ll die in combat with either Godzilla or Kong, but their existence could lead to even more powerful creatures being genetically engineered in the years that follow. Essentially, Nozuki and Warbat would serve as proof to scientists that organic Titans are possible in the MonsterVerse, and thus fuel the ambitions of like-minded scientists. This could allow a future sequel to deliver the MonsterVerse’s Biollante.

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