Zack Snyder Confirms His Justice League Cut is Finally Complete

Nearly four years after he left the original production under tragic circumstances, Zack Snyder has finally finished his cut of Justice League.

Almost four years after he stepped away from production, Zack Snyder’s Justice League is finally finished. Joss Whedon’s takeover of the original led to a slew of reshoots and a generally mixed bag of tones, among other lasting problems for DC Entertainment. With the critical and relative box office failure of their big team-up movie, the DCEU was more or less put on hold, and come 2020, the long-called-for Snyder Cut was announced. Fast-forward another year and about $70 million, and Snyder fans will get exactly what they asked for.

Support on this project, at least internally, is pretty intense. The allegations against Whedon aside, the cast and crews of the collective DCEU seem abundantly pro-Snyder, with Justice League’s DP claiming the upcoming Snyder Cut is the only Justice League movie. It’s easy to assume that anyone involved in the mess that was Justice League 2017 would simply like to erase it, but Zack Snyder has a very passionate fan base and a history of getting along very well with his co-workers. The Snyder Cut wouldn’t have been a concept if there wasn’t a massive fan outcry to see his uninterrupted vision, and for that work, they’ll be rewarded with all four hours of it on HBO Max this March.

While fans have been waiting for years for Warner Bros. to release the Snyder Cut, the director confirmed on Vero today that work on the movie is finished. When replying to a fan on Vero asking if the cut was done, Snyder simply responded, “It is.” A screenshot of Snyder’s comment can be seen below courtesy of SamParkerMetal.

The years leading up to its announcement were laden with fan debates as to whether it could or should exist. Snyder’s fans are devoted, but an equal number of DC fans saw his DCEU as bloated and aggressively non-heroic. Even after its announcement, the idea of even more expensive reshoots and re-edits seemed unnecessary for a movie released a few years ago. Even some DC’s execs don’t seem to know why they’re bothering to make it. The Snyder Cut will in fact be the end of Snyder’s involvement with the DCEU, with the director previously saying he has no plans to make Justice League 2. That said, whether fans believe the DCEU is a good cinematic universe or not, it’s commendable that this effort is still being made to let Snyder release his original vision.

Though he’s a polarizing filmmaker, Snyder is a generally well-liked guy, and nobody who disliked his DCEU movies would have for wished him to leave it for the tragic reason he did. The Justice League Snyder Cut will likely be a win-win for everyone involved. Snyder has finally finished his movie, fans will get to see the long-awaited Snyder Cut, and Warner Bros. will probably see an uptick in HBO Max subscribers due to the film. At this point, fans don’t even have to wait that much longer, with the film coming out in March.

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