The most safety tips you should know about an African safari

Africa, being the third largest continent in the world, has vast expanses of natural terrains including mountains, desert, forests, arid areas, plains, plateaus, and so on. However, when the question comes and stops at Africa, its forests and desert are the two things that sound too tempting to neglect. Even, the children become excited on hearing about the wildlife in the African rain forests and the surrounding open areas. African forests are the habitat of some of the world's largest carnivores and herbivores in abundance. With multifarious varieties of both flora and fauna, it is hard to tell that which forest is better than the other is. The most interesting fact about the fauna in the African subcontinent is that you will still find the megafauna species, one that didn't become extinct during the last Pleistocene epoch.
And when it comes to so much of protected natural habitats, jungle safari is one of the most important things you wouldn't want to miss on. Travelling in a jeep or a safari car amidst the wild animals in their natural habitats isn't less than searching for a diamond in an ocean. Though it might sound terrifying to you, the experience overall is full of excitements and thrills. Listening to the triumph of the elephants in person or witnessing the lions trotting on top of a small cliff like a true king is something that will always exhilarate you beyond belief. It is not only the carnivores and the herbivores we are talking about, African forests do have a wide variety of plants which you will definitely enjoy.
Apart from this, the reptiles, the birds, and even the amphibians are there to see in the jungle. However, when you are travelling through the middle of the jungle into the den of the wild beasts, then exercising cautions is the best and the primal thing you should be concerned of. After all, you are not a trained professional wildlife photographer or discoverer that you know what to do in the wilderness. This is the reason why you should always know the basic safety tips of a safari, especially when you are in the African forests.So, if you are planning on taking a trip to the African forest and going on a safari, then here are some of the basic tips that you must be aware of- if not for anything else then for your safety.
Sit tight inside the car and do not come out
When they say that you should fix yourself inside the car, they surely do mean it. You are a normal person, with no prior training of how to handle the wilderness on your own. This is one of the main reasons why you should never come out of your car even if you all are taking rest and watching the passing tower of a giraffe or a herd of deer. This is to ensure your safety and hence you should be always aware of the fact, no matter how thrilled you are after seeing the cheetah or an elephant.
Always take a guide along with you
During your stay in Africa, you might not always take your guide to some places. But when it comes to the forests, not taking one will be a foolish act. The guides appointed by the forestry department are the locals of the area. Moreover, than this, they are trained professionals who know what to do and when. Also, they will aid in escaping situations where you will get stuck. Without a guide, you will be lost amidst the vast forest land, with no one there to help you out. The guides do know the quick escape routes, the best parts where you can see the wild animals from close without disturbing their habitats and so on.
Never startle a wild animal, no matter how harmless they look
The animals living their act on their carnal instinct because they are driven by their wild nature. So, when you are invading their territory, you are definitely prying into their privacy and truly speaking, that might not settle with some. So, try not to startle anyone while you are amidst them and that too on their land. Wild animals are quite territorial and they wouldn't think before acting if they saw you out of the blue.
Take the necessary protection
While you spending your holidays in Africa, you ought not to forget about the dangers that lurk in the wilderness. So always take the necessary protection before going on the jungle safari. A lot of insects and other dangerous living beings crawl on the floors of the forests. Be sure to take the protection gear along with you- the main being a first aid kit.
Avoid swimming in the river or lakes
A huge number of lakes and rivers are there within the wild jungles and it might sound tempting to take a swim in the water. But never ever do that! No matter how attractive the lake looks like, always refrain yourself from doing so, even if you a pro in swimming. After all, you can never win from a crocodile or a hippopotamus.

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