Top countries to visit in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is continuously growing to become one of the most popular destinations for the tourists in the recent times. This place has everything that any traveler can look for - good food, amazing landscapes, friendly locals as well as some most beautiful views. Moreover, a majority of countries of this continent embrace a good weather as well as great infrastructure.
Vietnam is a beautiful place with the most amazing landscapes. The bays, the islands and everything else makes it a perfect destination for all the tourists. Moreover, Vietnam is also known for its delicious food. It is not just lip smacking, but healthy as well. Thus, find yourself an accommodation in Vietnam and get ready to fall in love with it. Tours of Vietnam lets you explore everything.
Another popular destination of Southeast Asia which gives good vibes is Thailand. From its weather to the night life to the locals - everything is so great. You can rest out in a plush resort or can even sun-bathe in the calm and pristine beaches of the country. Don't miss the markets as they have lots to offer.
Singapore is the cleanest country that you will ever visit. It has everything to offer to its tourists considering its popularity, food culture, infrastructure and beautiful spots. The country embraces some amazing nature views that you would love to see. Shop your heart out in the malls. Singapore is worth all your time and money.
The full name of this country is Brunei Darussalam which means an ‘abode of peace'. This place is certainly the place where all the peace lies. The beautiful sceneries, the amazing landscapes and the friendly locals - you will find everything in this small and sober country. Wander your heart out in its capital city, Bandar Seri Begawan and explore the food culture, local markets and everything else. The water village of this country is also worth a visit.
Cambodia is a country owning some of the marvelous masterpieces. The most intriguing feature is its beautiful temples. The huge temple complex of Angkor situated here would be worth the whole trip of Southeast Asia. Wake up early to catch the beautiful sunrise over Angkor Wat. You will surely feel a magical experience. You can also travel through a number of other beautiful temples to admire the tales as well as architecture.
The best thing about visiting Philippines is that you can enjoy your hearts out in the beautiful islands. This country is a home to more than 7000 islands. Thus, you can find a space of sand to further spread your beach towel on. The travel and leisure that Philippines provides to all its tourists and visitors is worth admiration. There are a number of beautiful islands where you can experience the beauty of nature at its best. You can also participate into a number of adventure activities that keep on happening in the country every now and then.
Your visit to Southeast Asia would be an incomplete affair if you do not visit the beautiful land of Indonesia. Indonesia is a home to a number of beautiful experiences. The temples, the beaches, the natural beauty, the resorts, and the nightlife - this place offers everything to its tourists. Visit the beautiful Karimunjawa or Giri Islands to experience the beautiful views of nature. This place is worth all the hype and a visit is a must.

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